Fibromyalgia is a common condition characterized by long-term, body-wide pain and tender points in joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. Fibromyalgia has also been linked to fatigue, morning stiffness, sleep problems, headaches, numbness in hands and feet, depression, and anxiety.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Are You Having Trouble with Blogger?

This post has little to do with fibromyalgia but a lot to do with writing my blog on the subject.

I have been having trouble with Blogger for a few months now and wanted to know if any of you are having trouble spots? Mostly it has been with my "followers" showing up on any of my blogs (I have 3) but what upsets me is when I can't post to another blog. 

It keeps asking me to sign in and I do, then it goes through the motions and tries to get me to sign in again.  I finally get that straightened out and now I can't get into my comments. Sheesh!

I am not one of their paying customers so that may have something to do with it. Not sure.
I did have a guy named Tony who fixed my followers at one time, but they disappeared again so I have no idea who any of my followers are on any of my blogs.

I am just rambling in cyberspace at this point hoping to catch a break and be able to post or comment once in a while.

Let me know if you have had any trouble.

Until Next Time :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

It' Been A While

It's been a while since I lasted posted and wanted to catch up tonight.

I started swimming again because walking around the neighborhood in Florida at this time of year is just too darn hot.  I tried to go slow. Not sure what that even means.  I just started swimming around and using my legs and arms and it felt great. I probably swam for around 20 minutes or so.

After a few days I thought, Wow! this is going to be a piece of cake. Wrong!  I woke up in the middle of the night and my arms and legs were screaming with pain.  Sort of like when you had growing pains as a kid only much stronger and constant. The only relief is to walk around and keep moving my arms.

I finally just took my pain meds (tramadol) even though they keep me awake because I can't take anything else.  I can't take aspirin or advil because I break out in hives.

So the night was a short one, and now I am extremely careful to not overdo in the pool, but I will not quit!  I will not give into this as long as I can keep moving.

Today was a great day and my pain is manageable again. 

Until Next Time :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Things are Looking Up

I am so happy to say that my fibromyalgia has been better the last several months.  I still have the everyday aches and pains but nothing like when I was first diagnosed.  At that time my lower back and neck were giving me constant grief.

I truly believe it's been a combination of a good chiropractor, a massage once in a while, and keeping to my walking schedule.  I would like to be doing more than just the walking, but am not brave enough yet to venture into lifting weights or yoga.  Although, I do hear yoga does wonders for some.

Our pool will be warm enough in another few weeks to start swimming.  I just have to remember that I have to approach it slowly.  It's difficult to do as I don't have any pain at the time; just a day or two later.

After reading about people who suffer from CFS I don't feel like I have any room to complain but I know that each of us has our own situation and we need one another's support.  That is truly the reason I started this blog.  I hoped to reach others who suffer from chronic illness.

I am amazed at how many wonderful people I have met online from my blog.  They suffer considerably more than I do yet they always have something cheery to say and I so appreciate them.

Until Next Time :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I May as Well Laugh

My husband is out of town this week on business so I decided I would do a few home projects while he was away.  That was my first

I painted the grout throughout all the tiled areas in our house about 4 years ago so I thought I would freshen it up this week.  Bending over and crouching down is not a good thing for fibro sufferers as you are probably using muscles you wouldn't normally use.

I knew when I started this project that I should go slowly (which is difficult for me as I used to charge through everything) so I worked on it about a half an hour or so.  I could feel the muscles running up the back of my thighs being used but I had no idea how much until I woke up the next morning practically crippled.

The muscles hurt so bad that even the Tramadol didn't completely numb the pain.  Fortunately it lessoned during the day as I walked around but the thought of continuing with my grout project wasn't looking too inviting.

So here it is Tuesday and I haven't finished the grout yet!  I did work on a small section yesterday but am paying for it today.  I will get it completed but it will take the entire week to do that.

This is the part of the fibromyalgia that frustrates me the most.  You don't know what you are doing to yourself until you wake up the next day and can barely move.

When I woke this morning (due to pain) I could feel all the muscles around my rib cage and my thighs.  I was so uncomfortable lying in bed that I was forced to get up even though I could have slept longer.  I can't figure out why my ribcage is so sore unless it's from sweeping out the garage.  Good grief!

It's almost comical really.  I try to have humor in it because it looks like it's here to stay so I may as well laugh about it.  It's so absurd to have this much pain that I can't help but laugh because it's like someone is playing a terrible practical joke on you all the time.

Until Next Time. :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Once A Year

I went in for my lab work today so that it would be ready when I go in for my physical next week.  I almost hold my breath now when this is done because I am getting older and wonder if the tests will show something that wasn't there last year.

It seems like many of my friends have been diagnosed with some form of disease in the last few years, from heart trouble to diabetes to high blood sugar.  My neighbor is checking her sugar levels 3 times a day now because of her concern about a recent diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

Is it me or does it seem like there are more people with something wrong with them?  I know the guideline levels of "normal" were recently changed to a much lower number so what would have been a normal blood sugar is now considered high.  I often wonder if the pharmaceutical companies are benefiting from these level changes as more people are now taking ongoing medications. Hmmmmmm.....

As far as the fibro this week I have to say things have been pretty good.  I had some problems with my left foot which started traveling to the back of my knee and went in several weeks ago for an x-ray.  I was told it was inflammation and put on Prednizone.  A few weeks later it was still giving me grief so I went to my chiropractor and he adjusted my foot and all my problems went away, including the back of the knee pain.  He said it was subluxation and that  it would cause inflammation.

I sure do wish the chiropractors and doctors would get together as this is the second time something like this has happened to me.

Years ago I experienced pain in my knee every time I walked.  I was getting ready to go on vacation so I rushed in to the Dr. to  figure out what was going on and was sent for an x-ray. I was informed I had a tear and that I should keep it wrapped.

I spent my entire vacation taking aspirin (I am allergic to ibupprofen)to keep the pain at bay so that I could enjoy all the history in Virginia as there was a great deal of walking involved.

When we got home I went to the chiropractor and told him about my knee. He adjusted it and it was gone instantly.  To think I could have spared myself all the misery while on vacation frustrates me.  Not to mention I was told I have a tear when I most certainly did not.

From now on I go to the chiropractor first before anyone else.

Until Next Time. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's Always Something, Isn't It?

I am not feeling well today.  I have been running a fever for the last couple of days but don't feel like I am sick or anything.  It's probably my allergies getting out of control again.  I was very tired and shaky this morning so I have tried to stay "put" as much as possible for me.

I am not one to sit for long periods of time because my lower back and upper thighs start to ache so, even with a fever, I just keep going. I made my husband's favorite cookies for Valentine's Day and a spaghetti sauce for dinner.  I am not boasting, it's just I'm a hyper person and can't seem to sit still for any length of time unless I am seriously occupied with something engrossing.

I truly believe when you feel unwell so much of the time it becomes part of your life.  Every day you wake up and you test the waters to see what kind of a day it will be .  Will I be in a lot of pain today or maybe just run a fever for no apparent reason.  Will my foot be bothering me today or will it be my allergies again.  Honestly, when you get one day free of all the trappings of having a human body that isn't 100% you feel like singing to the world.

I hope this fever goes away by tomorrow as my husband and I have plans to go out to eat.

Until Next Time. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

So Far So Good

The wind is blowing like crazy outside and wreaking havoc on my allergies so I am ready for a nap.

I still felt good today, however, the pain was back when I first woke up. Generally it's either pain or too much water the night before that wakes me up.  I was up at 5:30 this morning and was slower getting around.

The cleanse is still going on even though I forgot to drink my tea last night.  I have also been testing my PH balance since I've been cleansing and I am happy to say I am on the alkaline side, which is a good thing.

I am going in for my annual physical in March and I am hoping to have my cholesterol down as well as my weight, but the latter could be a problem since I still can't walk for exercise.

I mentioned in a previous post that my left foot started to bother me when I began walking every night.  I am still recovering from a fracture in my right foot from last year about this time so I have only been walking my neighborhood since about October.  My husband and I added another neighborhood to our walk and I think I must have overdone it. So tired of worrying about that.

It's very difficult to tell whether it's a "true" pain or the enhanced version you get when you have fibromyalgia that's causing my foot to hurt so much.  The doctor said it was inflammation and I took Prednizone for 5 days (which did absolutely nothing). I also soaked my foot in ice water since I can't take ibuprofen.  The pain seems worse and has moved to the arch of my foot.

Doctors are still baffled by fibromyalgia in my opinion.  Many will nod their head like they're listening when you explain that you have this chronic illness, but I don't know that they really have any idea what to do with you.

Now I have to call my doctor back and see if he has any other ideas of what I can take for my foot.  My sister-in-law says I should ask for a Cortisone shot, but I have never had something like that before, so not sure.

I am just happy to feel better at this point so I can deal with the foot thing if I have to.

Until Next Time. :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

What's Next?

I am several days into the colon cleanse and feeling great.  I have no idea if one is related to the other or not as I have good days and bad days normally.  All I can say is:  if this is how normal people feel on a regular basis, no wonder they get so much accomplished.

I get up in the morning and I don't hurt at all.  In fact one morning I completely forgot to take my pain pills.  A few hours into the day I began to feel a bit tired and achy before I realized this.  Other days I would feel so good that I didn't even need my second set of pills, which I normally take around 2pm.

Partly the reason I don't have the pain is because I am not exercising or stretching.  With fibromyalgia it takes time and patience to build up to a regular exercise routine and I know that if I start it again that I will have the pain back. 

I was able to walk around the neighborhood last night without any pain in my foot so I am pleased with that and hopeful I can continue my nightly routine.

I am grateful for the reprieve from the monotonous pain and plan on enjoying it while I can.

As to what happens next? I don't have a plan for that, just one day at a time for now.

Until Next Time. :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Toxic Relief Ongoing

The cleansing is working, I think.  I feel good and have had more energy over the last few days.  In fact, I am amazed that I haven't had to take a nap and  still find plenty of interest and energy late into the night.

Two nights ago I was out grouting the loose tiles in my kitchen at 11pm.  Last night I didn't get to sleep until midnight and no nap!

I also think taking the Prednizone for the inflammation in my toe isn't hurting the situation as it is an anti-inflammatory and it does wonders for my clogged up sinuses.

I had to go off of the Superfoods as they seem to be causing indigestion which is something I rarely have so I assumed it was that.  I will try them again after I finish the cleanse.  Maybe it was just too much all at once.

It's been 5 days since I went  to the Urgent Care for my foot and I still have the pain so I may have to see what the dr. can give me.  I desperately want to be able to walk around my neighborhood and get some form of exercise.   With the fibromyalgia I am so limited to what I can do on an ongoing basis and walking has been great for me.

Until Next Time. :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Toxic Relief Continued

I have been on the cleansing for several days now.  I had a tough time yesterday with it.  At least I think that might have been the problem.

My stomach was so bloated all day that I could barely move.  I haven't had this happen in a long long time so I contribute it to the fiber drink of the colon cleansing.  I think my poor system is so mixed up with all the different meds I am taking right now.

My foot isn't any better.  Guess I'll have to start using the ice again.  Very frustrating not to be able to walk at night with my husband.

My cravings for sugar at night are still there.  It's going to be a while before I can get past that I think.  I just stand at the pantry and think "what can I eat that will kill this sweet tooth without using sugar?"  Not much.

As far as the fibro, I feel pretty decent today.  Some days I get up and feel halfway normal and others are bad from the start.

We went to church on Saturday night and I could barely sit through the service.  I hadn't taken my pain pills ahead of time and I kept squirming around in my seat trying to find a comfortable position. Finally I just had to leave. 

With my fibromyalgia I have a very difficult time sitting or standing for long periods of time so I don't go to plays very often and never go to the theatre to see a movie.  Traveling has to be planned around how much time I have to sit. I am just grateful my husband is so understanding.

Until Next Time. :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Toxic Relief

I am in my 3rd day of cleansing.  It's not at all difficult.  you take two pills (probiotics) in the morning before you eat.  Fifteen minutes later you mix one scoopful of fiber in juice and drink it down, quick, before it turns to a very thick mush.  Each of these requires drinking 80z. of water after.

Later at night I drink the tea.  My biggest problem is remembering to do that.

I am also on my 3rd day of no refined sugars.  This is much harder for me as I got a bit addicted to eating "Nips" at night.  They are hard, chewy candies that have a filling in the middle. Yum!  Anyway, no more of those little buggers.

Trying to find something suitable for lunch without having to do major cooking is my biggest problem with being on any kind of diet.  I have never been a sandwich fan but much of the time I will eat them because it's convenient, however, today I had some leftovers of a brown rice that you mix with pineapple, toasted almonds, green onions, and a little allspice.  It was very good.  It should last me a few days. 

Feeling a bit tired as I write this.  I spent much of my day in the Urgent Care waiting to find out what was wrong with my left foot.  It has been bothering me for a few weeks now so I thought I had better get in this time and have an X-ray.   Honestly, I figured it was the fibromyalgia flaring up because I have been walking more than usual each night.  Sure enough, it was the extra walking, but I have inflammation in the ball of my big toe so I will
will have to curb my walking for a while.  Thank the Lord it wasn't another fracture.

Until Next Time.  :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are You Toxic?

I have been researching information regarding toxicity of the body and I finally found a link to fibromyalgia, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, and many other illnesses.

What really got me going was when my neighbor told me she just discovered she has Type 2 diabetes.  She is the 2nd person in 2 years that I know very well that have been diagnosed with this disease. 
I am also finding more and more people who suffer from fibromyalgia.  It's like an epidemic out there!

Something that makes very much sense to me is that our systems are full of preservatives, insecticides, pesticides and other man made substances and the older you get the more saturated you become. I truly believe that is why so many older people battle weight when they never had it as a problem in their youth. When you carry around a lot of toxins it generally gravitates to your waistline, but other symptoms include unusual rashes, allergic reactions to foods, sensitivity to smells, puffy eyes, bloating, headaches and not feeling well much of the time.  OMG, this is me except for the headaches.

I have been carrying around 10 extra pounds from the lack of walking when I fractured my foot, but what bothers me more than that is the fact that I am starting to break out in hives for things I never did before. It started with ibuprofen so I began taking aspirin. The aspirin gave me hives so I switched to Tylenol and the same thing. Last month I was eating some strawberries and noticed I was itching on my face and sure enough...hives!! I have eaten strawberries all my life and never ever had any reaction.

I was listening to Suzanne Summers on the news today and she was talking about the correlation between "leaky gut syndrome" and other ailments such as CFS and fibromyalgia. I had never made that connection before but it sounds feasible as fibromyalgia and CFS patients seem to be growing by leaps and bounds according to the research I have been reading online. In all honesty, I am not a follower of Suzanne., but I do know she has done her research.

I have decided to try an experiment. I am going to go off of all refined sugar and start taking the probiotics(good bacteria) to boost up my immune system. Apparently part of the problem with all these toxins we take in every day is that they begin to eat the lining of the stomach and this causes "leaky gut syndrome", which in turn allows the toxins to flood our bodies. It also attacks the good bacteria that we need for a healthy body so the probiotics helps to put them back in.

This can get a bit expensive but I figure I have a large deductible a year for my doctor so I may as well use some of it for a preventative and maybe I won't have to go as much. Truthfully I only go when I haven't any other choice such as when I get a sinus infection, but even those are becoming more chronic.

I also plan to use Dr. Natura's colon cleansing system. It's 2 pills in the morning followed by a fiber drink then a night time tea that's included. After researching online it appears to be the one with the best reviews. One of the first things to a healthier immune system is to have your colon, liver and pancreas working properly and not bogged down so this cleanse should help.
I have also been reading a book called "Toxic Relief" that show how to detoxify your body by fasting with fresh juices but I don't want to spend the money for a juicer right now.

What I am doing instead is taking Super Food tablets with each meal. This is one of the recommendations from the book. Super Food is the equivalent of eating 5-9 servings of vegetables and fruits in addition to some added herbs that are too numerous to list.  This does not mean I am not going to continue to eat fruits and veggies.  It just means I am getting more of the nutrients from these capsules than I might from the vegetables from the local grocery store.

I have highlighted a few things just for your own research. I am by no means recommending any of these products for you to use.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

Until Next Time :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Will This Year Be Better?

It's hard to believe we are living in 2011.  I can remember watching science fictions shows as a kid and 2011 seemed like it would never really happen.  It was just too far into the future and I couldn't imagine people being able to talk on their phones and actually see the other person; or having phones that weren't attached to the wall in some way.  Of course, I also expected people to be hovering around in space vehicles similar to what you might have seen in the cartoon "The Jetsons".

I have to say I am expecting great things this year as I certainly had my share of difficult times in 2010. The fibromyalgia was a big part of it but certainly not all.

I recently figured something out that amazes me a bit and I am sure when I mention it to my doctor she will look at me like I have 3 heads, but I am positive my depression periods as well as my lack of focus and lethargy come more from sinus infections rather than the fibromyalgia.

When you have a chronic illness that have symptoms such as lethargy, foggy headiness, and depression you begin to play detective to figure out what is going on when you just don't feel well.

I have to say I haven't felt "well" much at all over the last 12 months or so.  I can just about count the days that I woke up focused, alert and ready to tackle something.  Most days I wake up and grab my pain pills and wait for them to take affect before doing anything.  After that I usually get on my computer and check my online stores and try to promote a little bit.  I may get some laundry done or manage to get to the grocery store, but by the time that's all over I am tired and uninterested in doing much else.

At this very moment I am on "Amoxicillin" for a sinus infection and I feel great; alert, upbeat,  focused and have no need for the regular afternoon nap.  Now why is that? Hmmm... have to play detective again as I am pretty sure my doctor won't have the answers.

What I have discovered is that something takes place in my brain that alters the way I think when I have severe allergies or am coming down with a sinus infection.  I don't know if the chemicals change or possible the inflammation puts pressure in the wrong places, I am convinced it plays a heavy role in my overall health.

Just about 4 weeks ago I could feel my head getting stuffy and foggy (not unusual). Then I started losing my focus on my mosaics, which is my business.  When I say "lose my focus" I mean that I lack interest, creativity and passion for anything.  Eventually I feel depressed because it's a scary place to feel like nothing matters or that you just don't care about anything. Not suicidal, mind you, just removed from normal thinking.

After a few weeks of this I started to get migraine headaches and slight fevers so I knew I had a full blown sinus infection and headed to the doctor.  Two days into the meds mind cleared and I feel like a human again.  It's like day and night. I still have the aches and pains of the fibro, but my mind feels normal. That's huge for me.

So, my conclusion is that a severe allergic reaction to substances that ultimately cause a sinus infection has a huge impact on the brain and how you think.  I am beginning to realize that the powders produced from the dish tiles I cut for my mosaics are contributing to having this chronic problem and now I wear a mask all the time when working.  I hope this will help as I have no desire to stop making my mosaics.

I hope for each of you a healthy, happy and less painful New Year.

God bless