Fibromyalgia is a common condition characterized by long-term, body-wide pain and tender points in joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. Fibromyalgia has also been linked to fatigue, morning stiffness, sleep problems, headaches, numbness in hands and feet, depression, and anxiety.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Are We Halfway There?

It is so hard to believe we are halfway through the year already. This has not been a good one for our country and not so hot for me either.

I am still battling this foot problem, but the doctor told me yesterday to try some new stretching exercises so we'll see. He did say that the elevated pain is more than likely caused from fibromyalgia but with a sprain or whatever I might have now it would depend on how bad it is and he doesn't really know without an MRI.

I am trying to get over a terrible sinus infection that must have started some time ago as I haven't really felt well for months.

I went to the Urgent Care Facility on Saturday and was given a Z-pack and a prescription for Prednisone. I have finished the Z-pack and still have headaches and fevers so I am now on the prednisone.

On top of that I seriously burned my wrist with my steamer. How you say? Well, it's really a clothes steamer that I use to put some steam into the air for my sinuses. I turned it on and added some scents and then went to reach for something just when it decided to steam and spew out boiling hot water. UGH, I shouldn't be let out alone anymore.LOL

I certainly hope the next 6 months are better as I don't think I could make it as I am worn out.

Until next time. :)


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how long it is taking for your foot to heal.

The steam burn thing - boy does that sound like me! I'm always bumping into things, bruising myself, cutting myself...crazy.

I have a suggestion that might help you. I fell and hurt my toed. I actually thought it was broken. Anyway, after reading your blog I was like, nope my
FMS is not going to flare up.

Of course it did. So I started rubbing my foot and my calf with Tiger Balm as often as I need during the day and night to keep the muscle relax an soothed. I use the rub that comes in a pump bottle. I would do stretches after the Tiger Balm got deep into my muscles.

Do you think that might help you?

Crafty Debbee: Deb's Divine Doings said...

Please take care of your self and I will keep you in my thoughts. I have been through lingering pain and feel for you.
Gentle Hugs♥

Christine Burgess said...

OMG,Dominique, I will certainly give it a try. I appreciate your suggestion.
Crafty Debbee-thanks so much.
Hugs to both of you.

Lizzie said...

Have you heard of a fruit called Mangosteen? It helped me...maybe it could help you too.
I certainly sympathise I know about pain too. I used to take Celebrex and Methotrexate but not any more.
Mangosteen has strong anti-inflammatory properties. All I can say is it worked for me.
I know lots about it now, so if you want to ask me anything...I'm happy to help. You can contact me by email
Wishing you the best