Fibromyalgia is a common condition characterized by long-term, body-wide pain and tender points in joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. Fibromyalgia has also been linked to fatigue, morning stiffness, sleep problems, headaches, numbness in hands and feet, depression, and anxiety.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Are You a Morning Person?

Most of my life I would say I was a morning person. Still am to some degree as I do most of my serious thinking and creating early in the day. It's just my husband and me now, but when I had all the kids home I got in the habit of getting up early.

Since fibromyalgia has come into my life I find that I am not much of a morning person until the drugs have started working (which is anywhere from 30-45 minutes). Most of the time it is some sort of ache or pain that wakes me up in the first place. All these years I thought I just couldn't sleep in like regular people. Now I know it's because I was hurting and uncomfortable and had gotten so used to it that I didn't even realize that the pain was waking me up.

I still have days where I can't sleep past 6am no matter what time I went to bed the night before. If I have overdone something or have additional stresses added to my life it will not only keep me up at night but wake me up in the morning. I guess sometimes you just can't win.

I have to tell you though, I do thank God every day that I am still upright and able to walk even with the pain because I certainly know it could be a lot worse..

I would love to know what your mornings are like. Do you wake up stiff and sore or do you feel rested and ready to go? I find it hard to believe anyone with fibromyalgia wakes up pain free, truthfully, but maybe I am wrong.

I honestly do not know what I would do if I had to get up and out to a full time job everyday. I really feel for those of you who do. Not just the getting up and moving right away, but the sitting or standing around that many jobs require would kill me. A trip to the coffee machine or copier is not enough for me if I have been sitting for several hours.

So, tell me what you are like in the mornings. Do you have a full time job? How do you handle it with this chronic illness?


lisianblue said...

Morning person? never have been, even less so now with the fibro! Most days I just don't function until the meds kick in, and sometimes a nice long soak in the tub with hot water. I'm planning on moving this summer to an apt complex that has 2 heated indoor pools and 2 indoor hot tubs - I dread the move and have lots to do in the next 6 months - and it will take me that long to do it - but I think the move will be good for me. I love to swim, and it is the one exercise I can do without making myself flare up too much as long as I don't over do it. and of course the hot tubs are just so nice when you hurt!
I had to quit working 10 years ago, there was no way I could get up and work, most days I had to have help to go to the bathroom. My fibro isn't as bad as it was, but it has left my body in very bad shape with at least 6 herniated discs, that do cause a lot of pain along with a few other health problems, osteoporosis among others. Osteoporosis and diabetes can really become major problems for people with fibro.
Chris, do you swim in that beautiful pool of yours?

Christine said...

I sure don't envy you that move. It is so much work. But I hope that the pool and hot tub will be good for you.
I used to swim nearly every day until the fibro got so bad a couple of years ago. Now when I swim, even if I am careful, I pay for it for days. Such a shame too as my husband and I designed it to be our mini vacation.
Are you getting disability for the fibro since you can't work? I have often wondered as I don't know what I could do for a job since I can't sit or stand for very long periods of time and I sure can't be doing any lifting. Very scary to think of what I might have to do if this recession doesn't end.

lisianblue said...

Chris, you may try starting w/1 lap or even 1 length every few days, and then very gradually increasing your distance. When I moved to where I am now, I had to be pushed in a wheel chair to go across the street where I would exercise in the hot tub (outside), I started w/5 mins, every other day, after about 2 weeks of that I increased it by 1 min a week - yeah, it was a very very gradual increase. I can now walk about 3 blocks, do my grocery shopping & walk home. I do admit, that does wear me out! I honestly think water therapy is one of the best exercises for fibro - but any exercise has to be done gently, slowly, and increased at very small amounts - and I need to up mine, and that's the whole reason behind the move - one I really don't want to make in many ways, but 1 I NEED to make. My cholesterol is a little high, & I don't eat foods that are high in it, or fried foods - it's more genetic, but exercising more should help with that and overall. That pool is too pretty to not use it!

Christine Burgess said...

You are right. Thanks Lisianblue

Lori said...

NOT a morning person! Yes, I wake up all sore and wait for the pain meds to kick in. And I often wake during the night, or can't fall asleep because of the pain. even with meds. sigh No working anymore, and I don't miss it. I do some volunteer work in the summer, and I do enjoy feeling useful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris :) I'm a new reader to your blog, and am enjoying your posts very much!

I used to be a morning person before Fibro stormed into my life ;) Mornings are a very slow start for me now, which is a bit tricky with 2 young

It has been almost 2 years since I had to stop working, as my FM symptoms got severely worse.

I look forward to getting to know you!

(((gentle hugs)))


Christine Burgess said...

You guys are so great to comment back and I appreciate your following. Having fibromyalgia is really tough, especially if you are surrounded by people who don't understand, so I am happy to have you!
Gentle hugs back, Nancy.